Thursday, June 6, 2013

Youth to Youth

- Praise God for the 40+ youth who joined us! -

Today, we had the Youth to Youth meeting where we were able to talk to some of the youth who were attending the Basic Seminar, as well as some youth who were not attending the seminar.

It was a time of enlightenment when we heard Victor share some of his insights with the group. I like how he explained the issues that we might face in life and how he tailored it to fit the perspectives of both guys and girls.

At night, CI went probably the best out of the four nights we've had so far as I was really able to bond with the kids. Hopefully, Saturday will be a blast!

- "Paulette" and her friends -

- The "Master Chef" Pharisee and Publican skit -

During this trip, I have learnt to be a lot more confident. I am also more reliant on God for guidance when I teach. That really helped me to open up and just be real to the kids. I am also more open now to mingle with the kids as well as my fellow team members. God is teaching me to be patient and to watch my actions because there are people around who look up to me. They may be the kids or even others on the team.

Jaedon Sia
Team Member from Malaysia

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