Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The True Orphanage Experience

This week has been awesome and it is already the fourth day here in Jakarta! Time flies really fast. Everyone woke up early to go to an orphanage here. We were half excited and half nervous because we didn't know what kind of kids were there. After a half an hour ride, we arrived at our destination. I was shocked!! In my mind, I expected an air-conditioned home but instead, it was quite the opposite. I felt that God was testing me, to see if I was doing this for Him or for myself.

We started our programme with praise and worship, games and then stories. During lunch, I managed to talk with one of the kids. We shared some things about ourselves. When I asked him how long he had been in the orphanage, he told me that he had been there since he was born. Something struck me in my heart. A question came, "Are you happy with what you have?" I was speechless. With this life-changing question, my most honest answer was "Yes!"

- Victor having fun with his translator, Jonathan -

- Teaching a lesson on responsibility -

CI tonight went prety well. Eunice and Elizabeth did a great job in teaching songs and verses. Victor had the stories running really well. The children responded in both skits. To make my long story short, it's really great to gain experience in CI. So, that's all! Till next time!

Elijah Kong
Team Member from Malaysia

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