Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Following God's Way

- At the Salvation Army girls' orphanage we visited today -

Welcome to CI where children scream, have fun, and learn the basic principles. This year is my third year being a translator. I always learn a lot of stuff from CI whether it is the devotions or when translating.

This year, I learned that God has a special purpose for me and in this trip, the Lord reminded me over and over again that He is always beside me. 

- Joshua with some of the orphanage girls -

Before CI in Bandung, I had a big fight with one of my closest friends and I was so mad that I shut my heart out. I didn't want to hear his explanations and I tried to handle the matters by myself. Things didn't go so well. We did not talk to each other and we avoided talking to each other. Every night, the Lord would tell me that I should be humble and ask for forgiveness, but I was proud and stubborn. I didn't understand why the Lord wanted me to apologize when I did not do anything wrong. 

So days passed and CI Bandung started. One of those days, in the morning, Victor was talking about the legacy of the church, the Christian mandate, and the revelation of the church. After hearing all this, suddenly my eyes became clearer and I realized that my attitude towards my friend was wrong. And the Lord spoke to me, "how can you expect yourself to become a leader when you didn't even listen to what I instruct you to do?". That question struck me. 

- Having lunch at the orphanage -

All this time, the Lord had instructed me to talk to my friend and to explain to him, but I was too stubborn and proud to hear Him. After reflecting on what I had done, I decided to follow God's way and apologize to my friend about my attitude. The next day, I began talking with him and our relationship began to build up again. In this trip, I learned that if we do not follow God's way, then nothing good will ever come out of it.

Ruth Hoetama
Translator from Indonesia
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