Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello From Bandung!

- Briana presenting a lesson for the staff to review -

Hello from the land of Bandung, people! So this year I didn't get to join the team for the full trip. But I did join them here in Indonesia, for the Jakarta and Bandung CI, as a translator and a.... driver. Fun fun! And here I am in Bandung now translating in the small group.

Let's rewind the time a bit.

Right after the seminar ended in Jakarta, I started to lose my energy and fell sick. I mean like literally after the seminar ended, after signing autographs and all the cleaning up, I sat at the large group room for cool down. And at that very moment, my healthiness level decreased by quite a few percent. I was afraid that I would not feel better in time, because we were gonna to go to Bandung on Sunday morning. Travelling in a not-so-well condition was not going to be fun, especially when I was driving. But by God's grace, I started to feel better the next day. I even managed to enjoy my day despite feeling sick for most time of the day. And on Sunday, I was fully-healed, ready to do my job (which is driving to Bandung at that time). Yay! Praise the Lord!

- The prodigal son and his bad friends -

We've already passed the first two days of CI in Bandung now. Most of the kids here don't speak English, so basically I'm the mouth and ears of team 7. But we bonded with the kids really well, despite of the language barrier the teachers and students had. I'm looking forward to day 3 and getting into the next phase in our relationship with the kids.

I'm really enjoying the CI days, to get to know the people from the trip more, to learn more about God, to serve and be involved in God's work.

Jason Hartono
Translator from Indonesia

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