Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Eventful and Interesting Trip

This trip has been very eventful and interesting. Today, we arrived really early at the church to start preparing for the day. I was in Group 9 which consisted of Briana, the leader of the group and me, the assistant. We had a fun time with the kids and they were really energetic and lively.

They weren't the easiest bunch to teach but they really improved since the first night. Some of them even helped to clean up our team station. Our group played an ongoing game with the theme being in the army. The children were really striving to get points to move up to the next rank.

Another fun part of CI is large groups. It is a time when we sing songs, memorize scripture and best of all, watch skits. The skit that really taught me much is about the story of the rich young ruler. I learned that I must give all that I have to God and that God owns everything. Another thing that I have learned is that God must be the only one in my life.

The hardest part that I had to encounter today was nap time. Our kids just wouldn't lie down. Instead, they jumped around on chairs, talking at the top of their voices and threw food everywhere. But I learned to trust God through this experience.

- Doing "cool-down" by the road-side while waiting for our bus to arrive -

Overall, it has been a good learning experience for me and I look forward for the next two weeks of CI in Indonesia!

Eliel Cheang
Team Member from Malaysia

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