Thursday, June 20, 2013

Comic Relief (Part II)

- The Jakarta youth-to-youth meeting attendees -

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! I'm Sir Sime”on” Spurgeon”off” and though a minstrel I may not be, a knight of CI land am I humble as can be. Where tale began with Jashver Kliffordson so it does continues on the morning of the 20th of June, in the year 2013 where it took place in the house of missions. Twas ten of the clock on fair Thursday morn where slumbering warriors lay, a snoring in unison to the melody of great hymns long past, for a hearty feast they did have the day before today. They awoke from their slumber and had a good shower to prepare them for what they had to say. So departing in cars they did, cause pressing matters did bid. Since the youth of the land had gathered that day. In rows and rows did the young people meet where Victor could share so that they could be aware of the troubles that a Christian had to defeat. A breaking of ice took place as a game of seals raced, where three knights won first, second and third place.

That's all for now of the saga told, yet not the end it will be, for there are others who will continue the tale whether a minstrel or knight they be.

Soon after we had to get everything ready for the children who were coming for CI. We had a great time with our group, which was a miracle as there were a few kid that were extremely hard to take care of. Even though there were times that I felt discouraged as there were days that our group was uncontrollable, I learned to trust in God and not allow my feelings to take control.

History was also made this year in CI as I had my first humble role in the a skit called “The Pieya In The Face” (robot version) as the roles that I have had were kind of conspicuous and eccentric.

As its really really really....really....really late I bid you good evening, Godspeed, and may your lances ever hit true.

Simeon Spurgeon Ho
Team Member from Singapore (mother from England – haha)
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