Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Full-Day of CI

- First parent presentation of the trip! -

Coming into CI, I wasn't prepared for an "ups-&downs" roller coaster ride. I've never taught anything in my life and it turned out that my first time teaching CI was a mess! But throughout the week, I've learnt that teaching isn't just telling a group of people about facts and concepts.

- Morning exercises with "Master Hop Sing" -

Teaching is conveying a blessing, a message or an experience that God has given you to share with others! Relying on God, reading His word and the assistance from the team helped me to grow and improve my teaching skills.

- "The King" choosing the smallest shoe in all of CI -

Truth be told, last week whizzed right by and it has been amazing how God has used each one of us to impact the young kids.

- A "pie-in-the-face" thank you -

The team's "spirit of togetherness" has been great! Everyone is always very helpful anytime, anywhere, anyhow and I look forward to serving 3 more weeks with this awesome team!

Rainanda "Ray" Badudu
Team Member from Indonesia

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