Thursday, June 13, 2013

An All Guy Team

- Singapore Youth to Youth meeting group picture -

Hello everybody! Well, I guess it's a bit late, but late is still better than never. This week has been a blast. A lot has happened since we touched down in Singapore but time flies so quickly and now the following week is so close. 

The Youth to Youth meeting went pretty well in my opinion. Jaedon did a terrific job in maintaining the schedule, even though we were a bit late. Everything was still finished and we even got a few really thought-provoking questions (kudos to Victor for answering them!). The team in charge of the Youth to Youth meeting this week did a great job!

CI! Tonight was pretty good, the downside is that I didn't get enough sleep last night so I was still rather sleepy the whole day. Put that aside and I think that my unique all-guy team is doing a pretty good job at bonding with the kids, and maybe the crafts (and maybe not). Either way, I'm really happy about how well the whole team is doing. Friday is supposed to our day of rest and recreation, Saturday our last day of work for the week, and Sunday we head to Indonesia! Home sweet home! :)

- Thankfully, instalment no. 2 of the "Master Chef" Pharisee and Publican skit was less of a mess -

James Pasaribu
Team Member from Indonesia

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