Friday, June 14, 2013

A Free Day in Singapore

This trip has really been a highlight for me. I have really enjoyed the devotions, and the time of searching our hearts. God keeps reminding me how my focus needs to be on Him. And how all my desires need to be totally surrendered to Him. And that is truly what brings the greatest freedom and joy!

It's been so good to be stretched beyond our comfort zones and learn to rely on God. Each week we have new things to face, new children to work with. And each night you might have different things to deal with.

The first night of CI, you may think you have "little angel" children. But a few days later you might be chasing them down the hall way, and carrying them back to the team station. But it really helps me to rely on God. Prayer is such a powerful tool.

This week I have really enjoyed the children! Last night we were learning about endurance. So my leader had the children doing push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks. It was so cute to see their little faces worn out and tired!

Another lesson that seemed to impact them was when the sailor disobeyed the captains instructions to follow the map and ended up getting her boat all torn up. The children realized how God is our captain and we need to follow His map (the Bible) to get to Heaven.

Today was a fun day for the team! We had no CI so we spent most of the day touring. We rode the MRT (the public train here) It's such an adventure to try to get 24 people all on the same train and arrive at the same destination. So far, no one has gotten lost!

We arrived at our destination and most of the team enjoyed a Skyline Luge ride (which is riding a lift up the hill and then driving a little cart down) We had so much fun! And the view was great.

The funny thing of the day was when we tried to get a shuttle bus to take us to the beach. We tried to get on two shuttles and they would not let us because apparently we were at the wrong loading place. So we finally found a stopped shuttle and boarded. It didn't take long and they discovered it was headed the wrong direction so we quickly unloaded and waited a long while for the correct one to come. At last we were on our way when Jolynn met us and told us to get off the shuttle because they were preparing for a party, so we could not get there on the shuttle. So back on our feet we headed off, and had a great day!

We then went to the beach and enjoyed volley-ball and running races. It was a very humid and hot day! So getting our feet wet in the water felt so good. We were slurping down our water bottles and re-filling them. But it felt so good to leave all the studying and CI preparation and just have fun with each other.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, we know God is giving us extra grace and strength. It's such an honor to be here and serve God in this way.

Dawnette Glick
Team Member from USA

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