Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What is the Truth?

It was another exciting day of CI, waking up curious to know what would happen next. Today, we headed to the orphanage! We got to know the kids there, sang some cool songs, and played some war games. We were all kinda going crazy! I really enjoyed making conversation with the people there. The kids have grown up in a different environment and I realised that because they don’t have much, they are so grateful for what they have. I used to think that orphanages were sad places to be in but definitely not this one! There was so much life in this orphanage and the atmosphere was just so different.


John 18:37 "…every one that is of the truth hears My voice."


In our devotions we have been talking about the Truth; how it declares, exposes, reveals, convicts, and hurts. The problem with ourselves is not that we don’t know enough, we do know the truth but we try to avoid it because inside, we love our sin too much. We are all called to repent, but only a few will. All these stufflings I have heard before, but I never actually realised that I was the one who had the problem. God has brought these things not just to my head this time but to my heart, showing me the true condition of myself. It is really not easy for me to share these things because I don’t feel that comfortable sharing it but I also didn’t want to post something fake or something that I wasn’t really learning  :P so, walah

The seminar nights so far have been going well though there are challenges! Each night is a learning night for me. Tonight’s skit was about a man named Mufasa who had been guarding his house and protecting his Simba making sure that no thief breaks in. He got tired one day and decided to take a break from guarding and watching. A thief broke in and took Simba away from Mufasa when he was asleep. Mufasa woke up only to find Simba missing. He regretted not watching for the thief to come. In the same way, Christ will come back as a thief in the night and at a time we won’t expect. It is really easy for us to get tired of “watching” after a long time because it feels like nothing is happening and it doesn’t seem like Christ is coming back as “soon” as He says He is. It was a really big reminder for me to be watching, praying and preparing myself for Jesus’ return, not playing the fool and waiting for the end of the world to come then only repenting.


Revelations 22:12-13 "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be..."


Apart from that, a few random funny things that have happened:
  1. All the guys wore the same colour scheme two nights in a row WITHOUT PLANNING IT. (How is that possible??)
  2. The well-mannered, well-behaved CI teachers going a bit hungrily wild during a pizza dinner!
  3. Squashing twelve adults into one Jeep :O

There is so much more to happen! 

Tracey Peh
Team Member from Malaysia

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