Sunday, June 16, 2013

Important lessons I have learnt

Today we left Singapore and travelled to Jakarta safely! Thank God! We had a happy day full of “HELLO!!!!”s and happy “reunions”. Yes, twas a full and happy day!

So far this CI trip has been a really fruitful one to me. I have been having a lot of fun being and working with my wonderful fellow team members. God has been teaching me many important lessons through them, and also through the children whom I’ve been teaching. In fact, God has been teaching me so many lessons that it’s difficult to choose which ones to share!

I think one important thing that I have learned throughout this trip is to put results into God’s hands. As a CI teacher, I truly desired to help my children grow in their spiritual lives and character, and that they would truly get the lessons and apply them in their lives. I didn’t want them to just come to CI and simply have fun, play, have a good time, and go back home learning nothing and being the same as before, with no changes or growth in their lives. This is a good thing to desire, but sometimes I began to worry about whether the lessons have truly touched the lives of the children and to get anxious about whether they have understood the lessons and are applying them.

One night, when we were having sharing time and different teachers were sharing about the growth of their children and some highlights of their teams – a very subtle feeling began to creep inside me. I began to feel discouraged because I felt that my team wasn’t doing that good. And I was kinda brooding over it. :) God then suddenly gave me a thought : Who really works in the children’s hearts? Who is in control of all things? I may not feel that the children are learning the lessons now, but maybe sometime in the future they might face some situations that will remind them of what they have learned this CI. And anyway, if God wants to use these lessons to touch the children’s lives – He will. I have done all I could, and I should leave the results to Him now!

So now I view success from a different perspective, I’m very grateful to God for helping me see this – because I won’t get stressed out about the results and I’m measuring success the right way!

Another thing that has been really impacting me during this trip is about living for something worthwhile. I was preparing for my lesson on the principle of Success, and I think I was more impacted by it than my children. Usually people think that leading a successful life is to have a good job, earn lots of money, being able to travel to many countries for vacation, etc. But one day we’ll each stand before God and be held accountable for the ways that we have lived. If we have lived our lives just for self-pleasure, or even if we had a good career and have earned a lot of money – these things won’t last for eternity. They fade away, they don’t have eternal value. Many people live their whole lives working very hard, but achieving only things that will last their few years on earth. As I was preparing this lesson, I was really awakened by the reality of this situation, and I really wanted to have true success in my life, to live for something that’s worthwhile, that has eternal value. I want to live my life worthy of my calling!

So these are some of my lessons learnt! And I continue to seek to even learn much more, to be changed, to know God more, and to make Him known!

Grace Ling
Team Member from Malaysia

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