Friday, June 7, 2013

Ask, Seek and Knock

Today was...a free day! After morning devotions with the team we were on our way to central market! I was so excited to get a break from the constant excitement and bustle of CI and a chance to see Malaysia.

It was fun bargaining with the shop keepers and later walking to the bus on the burning hot sidewalk and streets with just one shoe! Thankfully i had a glue stick to fix it. 

One of the team members from Indonesia acted as our tour guide for the day as we made our way around Malaysia. We visited the twin towers and the National Monument, Tegu Negara. It was all so beautiful - the scenery is just amazing, it's breathtaking. 

One thing of Malaysia I absolutely enjoy and complain about at the same time is the heat and humidity! Every time we got back into the bus, it was rush time to get to the air con. Its a funny sight when everyone has climbed up on the chairs craning to get their necks directly under the cool air.

When we got back to the hotel, laundry was waiting. Everyone's laundry was mixed up! It was truly a team bonding experience to sort through it together.

Devotions have been convicting, God is teaching has been teaching me a lot through them. Today's devotion today covered the marks of a spiritual defector. Also that stumbling is not the same as falling. We must ask ourselves "what is the kind of eternal life you want?" One filled with many rewards and jewels and mansions or one where we live in true and intimate relationship with God? Many times we answer the second one without really understanding the full implications of it. If we truly want a relationship with God then we must strive to get to know Him. The narrow path will not come naturally - we must seek it out! 

- Rambutans from our crazy fruit breakfast this morning -

The next question to ask is "Do you WANT to understand?" the problem is that many times we make excuses about not understanding the Bible...We are told to ask, seek, and knock. If you seek then you WILL find! This is a promise.

I have been guilty of coming up with excuses of not understanding, of not really getting what a commandment means for me practically, of hiding behind excuses of not getting how a passage relates to my life. But the truth is, if my priority is to grow in Christ and our relationship then I have no excuses! This reality is so true... And yet, I still struggle to get out of bed early in order to seek out the truth of the Bible.

My prayer is that I will really ask, knock, and seek out truth and relationship a with God. Pray that I will understand what this means on a daily level and for the diligence to follow through.

Briana Calderon
Team Member from USA

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