Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Really Counts

Hello everyone!

This is Krystal, speaking from Malaysia! To be very honest, I have never blogged before, so stick with me!

This morning we were supposed to have Asian fruits for breakfast. Victor advised us to eat just a little before breakfast, and we took his advice and some of us didn’t even eat anything. But something went wrong and the plan backfired and by twelve o’clock, everyone’s stomachs were grumbling. However, that was a great opportunity to fast and pray and to learn to be grateful for what we have!

Then we were discussing about how to teach the breastplate of righteousness and feet shod with the Gospel of peace. Victor mentioned that all the parts of the armor need to be fitted together and worked together – that they could not be separated from one another. Eunice also mentioned that Paul in the Bible used the armor of God for an illustration, that it was not a physically visible armor but a spiritual armor that you have to put it on with your mind. I never actually visualized that the armor was not physical but spiritual because we are fighting a spiritual battle. It was definitely refreshing to hear it explained another way!

After lunch, we continued our discussion. Victor helped us visualize what we are doing, and that was what made a great impression on me. He said that, in teaching CI, we have a goal. What is the goal? Vick asked a question: “What is the one thing you want the kids to remember long after CI?” And that is Jesus Christ! There are steps we need to take to reach the goal. It’s kinda like we have to go level by level before we reach our goal, and it takes time. For example, if you just teach by reading the book and you did not build relationships with the children, they would not remember anything and CI would just be a dull experience which they remember their teacher droning at them about some stuff they can’t understand. The point is, even if the lesson is not taught, if the children go back home forgetting everything but remember this Jesus Christ that their CI teacher taught and experience Him for real, the goal is achieved and there will be significance!

We got thinking. And most, if not all, of us decided to just build our relationships with the children tonight. I mean, think about it. If we want to reach their heart with the message of Christ, we have to first connect and bond with them. We have to earn their respect and love them. So we decided that that was the most important thing. And you know what? Everyone had a blast tonight! Yesterday some children were quiet or shy or just didn’t want to participate. But there were huge improvements in every team today, and I think it’s because we decided to focus on the basics – building relationships and trust with the children. And that’s what really counts!

In His service,
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