Sunday, June 3, 2012

An Elevator Adventure

Hello from KL! I still can't believe that I was able to come again on the trip! God is good, isn't He? We greatly appreciate your prayers that are vital.

Sunday we were able to attend a church here in Malaysia. It was very interesting and the people were great. Afterwards we overloaded the elevator and it dropped very fast. Victor and Mrs. Teh said they watched the elevator fall from the sixth floor. When they heard it hit the first floor they said that they feared the worst. But the Lord and His hand of protection over us and nobody was hurt. It also went to the half floor rather than going for a free fall. We also got out fairly fast. Mr. Teh said that he had heard of people being stuck in an elevator for twenty-four hours.

To everyone back home the Lord has shown up in my CI. We had two more kids and the others are starting to come out. Again, we are greatly appreciative of your prayers, pray that we will continue to serve God as His bondslaves.

-Nathan Burkhalter
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