Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Start of the Journey

...and the trip begins!

Meeting new people, hugs among those who knew each other before, finding out room assignments. Finally, the team is assembled in one place...Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Now that we've met everyone on the team, we breathe a sigh of relief that no one is weird...that's a joke:) But this is definitely the start of a journey that we are all taking! On this journey, we will each face different difficulties. For some of us the culture, for others the fact that this is the first CI we have ever taught, for others still the strength to press on and find more ways to bring glory to God.

As Victor said, this trip is NOT a holiday but a mission!

And since we're going to spend the next few weeks together, we made sure we spent today learning more about each other. It's kinda important that we know each other's names:) We also tried to find out each other's DISC profiles to understand each other better. I sometimes think trips like that are crash courses on this-is-who-I-am!

Of course, we were also briefed on rules and expectations. Not really fun topics but definitely needed!

Trips like these are also crash courses on the culture, food of this place to use chopsticks! Well, at least for the Americans. We locals love to immerse them in everything:)

Its been a great start and we're looking forward to all that's ahead of us!

Please pray that...
  • we will be a team of prayer
  • each and everyone of us will find out God's specific plan for ourself being here
  • we will have safety as we travel around the city
  • we will be united with one goal of loving the Lord and serving Him
- Jolynn Tan
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