Thursday, June 21, 2012

Learning Through Opportunities

(CI 2011)
CI...once again...I have to spend five days with kids...gonna translate, again...Every single year is just the same. So boring...Ok, here we go again...*sighs* Back then, I was not looking forward to CI. No enthusiasm in me at all. Nothing.

Mr. Konner Felber broke my barrier, he spent a lot of time talking to me about how to be a true servant of Christ. He also told me about serving Him with all your ming, will, soul, strength, emotion and heart. That day, I reluctantly made a commitment to be a servant of God. Konner had a lot of faith in me. When he was about to depart, he whispered something that changed my life forever! I can still recall his words, "Someday your time will come Brad. And someday, I believe that you'll be one of Christ's faithful servants. Don't ever stop searching for His face Brad. Seek Him, seek His face."

(CI 2012)
The words of Konner Felber were still ringing in my ears, echoing in my mind. The first day of CI 2012 in Jakarta finally came! I wasn't expecting much dfference with the previous CIs that I had done before. I thought that it would be the same old, boring CI. Well, things always go under God's marvelous complete control. He perfectly arranged me to translate for Phoebe Koh, who was selected to perform a sole role. Teaching the kids, alone, all by herself. So, she decided to promote me, giving me a higher rank:) She said that she wanted me to be her assistant, translating for the team. I was buzzing with excitement!!! I began to think, CI isn't that bad after all.

It gets even better! During the trip we visited an orphanage. I was appointed to lead the praise and worship! I was so pleased with this opportunity. I've never done that before! The excitement continues to grow! Miss Ruri, our main translator for large group couldn't translate for the third day of CI. She asked me to replace her for the night. Somehow, I managed to say, "Yes, I'll do it!" I don't know why I said that really, I didn't! Anyway...heart pounding, sweat dripping from my forehead, I went backstage to the staff room to inform Miss Eunice that I would be the one translating for her that night. She smiled and said, " Oh...yayy!!! Well then, get ready." Such an encouraging reply from Miss Eunice:)

Before we went up on the stage, we prayed and did a few minor last minute preparations. Eunice and Elizabeth's prayer really struck me. I remember a part of it, it went something like this, "God, please help us to become OURSELVES, OUR TRUE SELF. Help us to perform well, Lord. Because this isn't about us, it's about You, Lord. We are nothing without You." I was really proud of myself, in a bad way. My attitude was very boastful. The prayer really helped me to stay humble, and let God have all the glory. Not me. It truly humbled me. Made me to be a better servant of God. Now I really, really enjoy CI. Love every single moment with the kids.

God has been directing me through the past four days of CI. One day is left and Mr. Victor told the team to make it count, giving it our all. Facing the final day of CI excited and eager! Wondering what other valuable challenges does God have for me? Ready and waiting...impatiently!!! :)

-Brad Badudu
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