Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Special Memories

Hey all, Jovita Edlyn here. This was the third day and the third year for me. Yay!! The third day was awesome...we learned about responsibility. We should know what we;re doing and responsibility is very very important  because everything will turn out great if you do it responsibly. I really learnt a lot from CI about design, authority and responsibility in the past three days.

At CI, I also met a lot of different kinds of kids, each special in the way they act and how they socialize. Each kid is s different and we as their teachers find out that some of them are really helpful.

The kids on my team are really great, well sometimes they are not so great but we always do our best because we want to glorify God. This year, I'm an interpreter for Krystal and Nathan. They are so awesome and we joke around and encourage each other to know God more.

The special memory of the day is when Nathan turned so hyper and the kids were laughing and enjoying that moment very much.

That's all for now and I can't wait for the next CI. Yay!! Bye...
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