Monday, June 11, 2012

Ground Work

Welcome to the beautiful country of Singapore! Tonight was our first night teaching in Singapore. I love teaching here because you aren't trying to get the kids to understand a principle or lesson, they already know it. The challenge with teaching here is taking what they know and showing them how they can practically apply it. The kids here in Singapore are so smart and know so much it is really quite amazing! Since this was our first night in this city we focused on building relationships with each of the children on our teams. Each has a different story, each has a different personality, each has a different relationship with God and some don't even have one. It is truly a privilege spend time with each precious child feeding into their life. As the week progresses we hope to continue building relationships that will lead to more openness with each child. Our goal in teaching this week is for the children to hear, understand, and accept the gospel. In just the first night I found out most of the children on my team do not know or understand the gospel. It will be exciting getting one on one with them and explaining it to them! I am REALLY excited to see how God is going to work in each of the kids lives and my own this week!

We treasure and thank you for each of your prayers for the team, the children, and the work God has called us to! Here are some specific ways you can pray for us as we continue the Lord's work in Asia:

1. Jesus Christ wil be glorified
2. Our passion for Christ will not diminish
3. Our goal will be kept in focus
4. We will be able to challenge the children to apply in their lives what they already know
5. Each team member will continue growing in Chist

In Christ Alone,
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