Thursday, June 14, 2012

Intimacy with God

Hello from Singapore!

It has been an amazing, smazing trip!! you are hearing it first hand from Phoebe Koh So, it felt like not long ago that we arrived from KL to Singapore and now we are at the end of our CI in Singspore :(. Indeed we had our share of fun in the sun at Sentosa Island followed by a romantic boat ride with live chinese plucking instrumental music across the Singapore River yesterday. Frisbee frenzy at the Singapore Botanical Gardens and many hidden talents exposed!

On another side, I've been hearing so much good and expensive stuff from devotions and teacher training and now to internalize and to apply them is so crucial.

Our team devotions has got me thinking and reflecting on my life of how I have been living it and going to live it. Having to answer thought provoking questions with all honesty and asking God to search my heart and show me my blind spots. Allowing God to redirect myself towards THE prize, and asking God to reveal things that are having competition with my affections for Him. Also learning to embrace rebuke from God and realizing that it leads to growth. Where there's no rebuke and correction, there is no growth :(...God is changing the way I view things.

Though I have taught in CIs before, this year's teacher training has brought me to greater...depth.  It has helped me to see that my lessons shouldn't just be about teaching lessons in a fun and engaging way but having genuine love for the children and directing every lesson to the main thing - the gospel. And what matters above all ministry work is actually my own self and my relationship with God. Where intimacy with God is the goal and what I have to feed on daily. All these truths fall on me and I'm like "ahhhh! Oh Mann, ahh!!", many things I've learned in the past are being revised and my preconceived ideas are being cleaned up in different ways.

In all these, what I most love about this year's CI is the staff team whom God use to lead us towards the truth, they really love everyone of us, team members, so genuinely and selflessly, just the sort of leaders I'd love to imitate. :D

Thanks for reading, God bless you my friend. :)
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