Friday, June 15, 2012

Differences and Similarities

Hey, Caleb Lentine here. Last day at Singapore and I'm already missing it.

Teaching the kids has been fun and I think I've learned just as much, if not more! I mean, I've heard these lessons before but I've never had to go this deep into these topics. Finding ways to explain them has led me to some conclusions I've never thought of before. I wish I was more prepared for teaching though. A lot of the lessons I'm teaching I've never thought about, let alone applied to my own life before.

Its not all just teaching at the seminar we've had a lot of fun. Like once we went to the mall and shopped for a few hours. Or like the time we went to Sentosa Island and we all raced on a go-kart thing called the luge (I won once!)

Its so awesome to see the differences and similarities in the cultures here and back at home. Eating has also been an adventure (I don't want to talk about the wasabi incident) I've tried so many new foods. Some good (pork rice) some bad (durian). All in all this trip has been both fun and meaningful so far, who knows what else the future may bring.

Ciao and God bless!
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