Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is Christ Your Passion?

I can't believe one week is already over and we are now in Singapore! We were sad to see K.L. go but very encouraged how the Lord chose to use us as a team, and excited to see Him work in us through us.

Today was travel day for the team. Taking a seven hour bus ride from K.L Malaysia to Singapore. We had a great ride fellowshipping and encouraging one anther, praying, and some sharing their talents, serenading the team on the violin. Some of us took advantage of a few hours of sleep as well.

Team devotions was the highlight of the day. Victor challenged the team with a question, is Christ my passion? What am I pursuing in life. Its always good to ask tough questions and ask the Lord to search my heart. Please continue to pray for the team as we serve the Lord in Singapore. Please pray that Christ will be our passion as a team and that He will be our single focus.

Excited about His work,
Elizabeth Shoemaker
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