Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Kids. Kids everywhere! Holding my hands, riding my back, sitting in my lap - that's what I love. The feeling of complete joy when you have a child holding each finger because they all want to hold your hand - it can't be beat!

But then why didn't my week in KL go as planned? I felt like a failure and a flop. Of course, it wasn't truly, but I wanted more.

The Lord showed me through the amazing people leading and participating in this team that the issue is focus. My goal was success, and as all CI teachers knowm that means nothing! When I'm more worried about getting everything done, instead of being concerned about their hearts, then even success is grossly empty!

When I realized my lack of concern, I prayed specifically that God would give me love for the children, and concern for them. And He did! I love the kids here in Singapore!

One more thing I didn't know about myself - I love being on-stage, hamming it up for the kids! I love acting, singing, and teaching verses to the kids. I love goofy roles in skits! Yup, my preferred personality on stage is ...drumroll...crrrazt! But my teammates would probably say that my crazy personality isn't acting. What can I say? Oh well-lah!

I'm loving this trip! I'm learing so much! And I know the lessons and friendships will last years if not a lifetime! God knew I needed to be here, and right now, I wouldn't be anywhere else!

Until later-lah!

-Julia Duncan
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