Monday, June 4, 2012

Persevering Through the First Night!

Wow! You know how people have expectations? I honestly had no idea what teaching CI would be like! Now SE Asia for that matter! As for SE Asia, let me just assure you it is beautiful! The people are so diverse as well as the food! :)

On Saturday we travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

On Sunday, the Americans on this awesome team experienced Chinese Church and being on the "other" side of translation. Most of Monday we spent training for CI that night. It was fun! We did skits to portray the different "types" of kids (shy, hyper, etc. I was bossy. Haha!) Thus we arrived on Monday night...drum was hard!

That is the honest truth. I have volunteered in children's ministry a lot but never really had my own small group to lead. Most of the kids were shy and we were a bit unprepared for that (despite being trained for that situation). They all really enjoyed large group though. I played a camel hump in "Sammy the Camel". That will be a skit to remember! All in all, I have been learning a lot! This portion of the world is beautiful and the people even more so!

P.S. Our group really opened up on Tuesday night and everyone was smiling and laughing:)

- Kayla Williams
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