Saturday, June 9, 2012

Answering the call of God

Hi guys! I’m Matthew and I’m happily blogging with my coach. Forgive me if this blog is not interesting or awkward or whatever you don’t like cause this is my very very very very very first blog post (according to my coach I’m a noob). So I started my day at 12 AM, I had a very touching morning with Joshua, Ariel, Julie, Jason, Ruthann, Tracey, Kayla, Jaedon, Julia, Caleb. I continued by sleeping at 2 AM and woke up at 6 AM thanks to Jason, Ariel, and my alarm clock. I thought today was going to be a very looooooooooonnnnggggg and hard day, but it was actually a lot of fun and memorable.

I felt that God rebuked me through the skit of Jill. It was about a girl who had been called to serve God since she was little, but then she kept on postponing the call waiting for a better economy. After several years, she became a very successful person, forgot about the promise and she said to God “I’ll do that tomorrow”, but then tomorrow never came for her and she died in vain. I felt that God was saying that I should start now instead of waiting for a better opportunity. I have seen a lot of people die and it was kind of a dilemma to me since they died in much unexpected ways, and it scared me for a while. God answered my prayers through the skit, surprisingly. I learned to love the kids even till the final day. It was kind of sad leaving the place and the kids :’( but not everything was sad because I did not leave my lesson there, I keep it in my heart; the journey was a blessing to me. When we got home we were tired and we had an awesome cool down session, where people started to open up more about themselves and about God.

All I have to say is I was blessed by everyone on the team, no exception, and I’m very excited about the next 2 weeks. May God bless and use me to the fullest. May this be a blessing to you all, THX!!!!!
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