Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 8: First day in sunny Singapore

Hello there!

My name is Evangelina Peh and I'm from Malaysia. This is my very first time teaching the Children’s Institute programme, and I’ve really learnt so much from it!

One highlight on Monday, 8th June for me was the devotions & our devotion small groups. What we do is that our team staff would give us a few good but difficult questions for us to really think again about being true Christians.

One of the questions that really struck me was “Can Christians love the world and God at the same time”? I kind of knew the answer already (which is NO,  because you either love God 100% or love the world 100%).

But practically, for me, I realize that it’s a very very tough decision, because naturally we are born to love our sin, so it got me thinking hard if I am really a Christian or not, or do I really love God so much that I would give up even family. Yeap, so that’s just a sneak peak of our daily devotions.

Moving on, to our seminar nights! The first week in Kuala Lumpur, I was an assistant and I liked it that way just because I prefer to suggest ideas, rather than being a leader.

Unfortunately, for the 2nd week of Singapore, I was placed as a leader along with only one assistant who is coming on this trip for the first time too. With both of us not being very experienced, to be honest, I was actually quite scared/worried.

But I guess both of us had to fast and pray, everybody! (Just kidding)

To my surprise, as the first & second night went on, everything went very well. We had good planning, smooth craft & games and only 3 older children & a 5-year-old. At first, we thought that they would be too-cool-for-school, but they turned out to be a very responsive and good team!

Because they were older, I decided to take my lesson to whole new deeper level. I tried to question them about them being a Christian in a simpler way. So, my only prayer is that God will open up their hearts to really understanding the Gospel and the purpose of being rooted in Christ because we are Christians.  :)

Signing off by God’s grace,
Evangelina Peh
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