Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 17: Beriku Hati Orphanage

Hello! I'm Dorcas, writing from Indonesia! The CI team met in the Badudu's house, and then we set off for the Beriku Hati Orphanage. It took us about 1 hour to reach there. The kids greeted us very politely and respectfully, and there was a cheerful round of shaking hands and "hi's". 

The kids sang 2 songs for us, 1 of which they made up themselves, and it was lovely! When they were done, Adlai introduced us, and then we sang 2 songs also.

The kids performing a beautiful song for our team

Martha had a skit for the kids! It was a modified version of Jesus and His love for us, and how He died for us though we were sinners. It was awesome, and I really think that they did a good job.

We played a game, and it was called the Cat and the Mouse. The game really warmed the kids up. They loved it, and were shouting excitedly during the game. 

To end off, we had lunch & had to say goodbye to all of them. :( 

We went back to our respective host's homes to wash up and prepare for seminar night. We went to church and started preparing for the night by cutting crafts and planning lessons etc.

Dinner was hamburgers - yum! Then... The kids arrived, and the night had begun! Our team teamed up with another team in the first lesson. Jerry used a magic card trick to illustrate the character of discernment.

We went back to our own teams and I taught the kids the craft of three different coloured lenses.

Large group one began and we learnt the songs and verses. After that, we had "a... STORY!" 

It was an interesting plot of a little eight year old boy Junior who had to fight against three little boys of the same age, the greatest of them called DALE. Junior lost, but kept training while the other 3 lazed off and defeated them in the next competition. This showed DETERMINATION and responsibility.

Back at our small groups, James our team leader taught the kids about how Christians are foolish in the eyes of the world, but are wise in God's eyes. We did a craft and large group came again! 

We revised the songs and verses and had a wonderful skit! This time the setting was in ancient Japan, and there lived a general called Sakura and his son Yoshka. General Sakura loved and took care of his son and guarded him against any kidnappers. But as time went on, Sakura grew lazy. He fell asleep and that very night the great Thief came. He stole Yoshka and ran away with him.

Sakura awoke to find Yoshka gone, and fell down crying. This story illustrates of how Jesus will come back like a thief in the night and that we have to be vigilant or we may not be ready. We ended the night and played Mr Wolf while waiting for the parents.

Cooldown (debrief) started and each team leader share shortly of how his/her team was doing, and then we were home bound.

Yay, today was outstanding!

Dorcas Ling
Team Member
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