Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 21: Let the games begin!

     HAAAIIIIIII!!!! I'm Nathaniel Kong from Malaysia! (woohooo!) Today is the second day of the retreat that we're having on the hills of Puncak. And today is a very special day! Wanna know why? (drumrolls) Because today is GAMES DAY!!!!!

          Okay, so let me get started. Everyone is needed to wake up early and meet together at our meeting place (and it's already bright by then!). But imagine waking up early when your sleeping place is almost surrounded by dew! After some struggle with the sleep and cold, we finally assembled at "Aula", our meeting place.

Morning exercises
Getting all ready for the games!

              Over there, Victor split us into groups of four. He then told us about the game which we are about to play, which is called the Spiritual Hunger Games. It goes like this. All four groups started out as tribespeople and have to come up with their own tribe name, and each individual need to have one name, and each group need to come up with their own language. And worst of all, no English! (gasp) The goal of the game is that each tribe needs to be civilised. To be civilised, you need to earn TDPs (Tribal Development Points). To earn TDPs, you need to buy things with TDPs. And to buy things, you need gold. AND to get gold, you need to play mini games. AND to play mini games, you need everyone from your tribe to be there. After that, we ate breakfast and then, LET THE GAMES BEGIN! And it lasted till lunch.

             We had a great time playing with each other and spending time together. And that night, we see videos and pictures about the whole trip. Everyone spent their time getting people to write in their notebooks and exchanging information. 

             Lastly, had Curt from Junior Master Chef Indonesia cook for us! It was one of the best moments I have and I'm really grateful God for allowing me to join this trip and all the people who made this trip possible. As for me myself, I have learned a lot from this trip and I would really like to join this trip again.

              So long folks!

Nathaniel Kong
Team Member
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