Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 4: A meaningful lunch on the lawn

This morning began with our first youth-to-youth enounter of this trip. We suited down in our brand-spanking-blue team shirts and drove to a partk. We met with about 17 young people who were from various places.

First we played a running game in the mud and hot sun. We then split into small groups for introduction.

Sam talked to all of us about learning to change our actions, not by focusing on trying to stop our bad actions, but by conditioning ourselves to do good by keeping the scripture in our hearts.

Then each small group spent time in discussion and prayer. It is wonderful to see people with many different surroundings coming together to seek the Lord. Afterward we had free time with frisbees, and lunch on the lawn.

The teachers met in the afternoon for training and before it started we played some imporomtu monkey in the middle. The inner child in each of us must be coming forth because of our time with so many energitic kids. Jolynn led our teacher training, she is very up-beat, with practical wisdom for our lessons.

For dinner we had pizza, quite good lah!

In the evening, my team-mates, Dorcas and Elijah led our students in hard physical exercise to teach them about suffering. They stopped frequently to give the kids a choice between ending the exercise regime for a small sweet, or continuing on with it to earn a large pile of sweets and treats. 

In large group, two new stories were debuted with great power. They taught us about the principle suffering from the perspective of Papa Leonardo’s pizza Del Maria, and Donald Duck the Emperor Penguin.

The children on our team were full of energy, but maintained great control of themselves. It is fun watching their faces as new thoughts click into place. I am privileged to be able to be here and work with these children and my team. 

- Martha Strickler
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