Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 22: Shopping in Bogor

Hi!!! Elijah Kong here reporting from Puncak. Today, I've some good news & bad news. The good news is: we are going back to Jakarta!!!! Yay!!! But the bad news is.... None of us wanted to go back (including myself). But anyways, let me just tell you guys what we did today and personally what I learned from this trip.

SEA CI Team 2015

D'Jungle, Puncak

Our day started off with taking individual and group pictures. Imagine the sleepiness that have left its mark on these mortals' faces after a day of hunger games and 'stay-up-till-late-night'. ;) After taking pictures, we soon headed home to Jakarta, well, not really, because here comes the fun part: Shopping!!! Yay!!! We stopped by at Bogor to buy some souvenirs for our families. After that, we departed to Jakarta.

We arrived at the Badudu's house and all of us were deployed to our host's vehicles and were soon heading back to our respective places.

Personally, I learned lots of stuff in this year's trip. But what encouraged me the most is the devotions which Victor conducted. Loving The Lord is not easy, which includes giving up our dreams & desires, our deeply treasured belongings. But God wants us to put Him on top of all these things, then only will His Power be in us. Nuff' said. :)

I think that's all from me for now. Goodbye!

Signing out,
Elijah Kong 
Team Member
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