Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 2: Teaching with a learning heart


The trip so far has been very has been very eventful. God has taught me to not see myself as a teacher in CI (which is how I’ve always seen myself) but as a friend to the kids. And the more I tried to become a friend with the children in CI, the more they wanted to bond and connect with me and find it very encouraging to see that.

Also, the trip this time has been a very strong reminder about what I have been teaching the kids during previous CIs but also a reminder to me to apply what I have taught the kids into my own life.

The devotions this time round were a lot more related to the lessons that we’re teaching the children. I find that we’re teaching the children. I find that very helpful because we can learn what we need to teach the children first before we teach them. 

I hope the Lord continues to teach us more about Himself through the leaders, our fellow CI teaches and the kids.

- Jaedon Sia 
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