Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 13: Depending on God's strength

*Tadadadatadadaaaa*, Miss Retasya!

Heyyo! Today marks the final day of Singapore week! :O Looking back, the week has zipped by so fast, even reaching the epic speed of time! Working with Debstep and Kwystale has been great and I find their constructive criticism so helpful. This morning was pretty rough since we were all tired, sleepy, and slightly sick, but although the kids were very lively, they were well behaved as well. I've enjoyed getting to know them sweety kids and wish I could spend more time with them.

All throughout weeks 1 & 2, I have felt thoroughly drained and tired and brain fried. However, God's Word never fails to provide comfort. There's always a verse for when I feel worried, tired or nervous and even for when I miss home :)

The staff and team have also encouraged me to explore creative ways to teach lessons and take the lessons to a deeper level.

I think the most significant things I've learnt this week are dependency on God's strength focusing on delivering the Word and applying the lessons I teach into my life as well. CI has been a challenging new experience fell of opportunities. Not just the seminar itself, but the fellowship and devotions have been fantastic as well. I can't wait for Jakarta week, both for the new opportunities it will provide and because there's no other place than home :(

As for now however, I will proceed to hit the sack... Zzzzz

Retasya Badudu
Team Member
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