Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 11: A Gigantic Tornado of Events!

Hi! Michelle here and just telling you guys what’s happening on the 11th day of CI.

We started off with the Youth to Youth event. First some introductions, then some games in the field.

Today, Sam talked about life, how it didn’t matter and how it wasn’t worth anything unless we lived it all for God. It was really motivating to be reminded that our time on earth was only a tiny speck of dust compared to our eternity in Heaven; that our days are numbered.
It was great bonding with some old friends and making new ones.  Being there was really energizing for me. I like how everyone got along so well and how the environment was just super friendly.

We had devotions right after that. We’re basically given a few questions that helped us think more deeply on how to strengthen our faith, then divide into groups to discuss them. This time we examined our desires. Were they Christ-centered? Were they pleasing to Him? It was so totally nerve-racking, but at the same time it was nice being given a challenge to be a better follower.

Now, seminar nights. Haha. To tell you guys the truth, I was so scared to teach the kids. As a CI kid, I really admired how my teachers just made learning Biblical principles during small group fun. Not just that, but the skits they put on were just… wow. Living up to those really really towering tall standards and expectations that those previous teachers set was not easy. The first lesson I taught seemed like an absolute disaster. I was so disappointed with myself I literally just couldn’t look at anyone for a while.

I guess through this experience I really came to understand learning from your mistakes. The next lessons got better and better though. I learned how to grab the kids’ attention and how to make the lesson “fun”. It really helped to have a team leader and a fellow assistant to help me grow and learn.

I’m not one to take constructive criticism lightly… ever. My insides flip out and I starting boiling. So, I guess even taking hints from my fellow team mates was a hidden lesson.

I really love being with the kids. Warming up to them is quite a challenge for me. I’m not usually the one to initiate conversations with people I’ve never met before, but after that it’s practically a slow steady rising friendship.

This week, there are only three kids in our team and they’re just amazing. They’re attentive and have such teachable hearts. After breaking the ice, I found that they were just full of enthusiasm and there is just not a dull moment on our team. The coordination between the teachers also seems really great, but I guess if you were to ask me what I could possibly want more than this wonderful, unreal team, I would probably say significance in the kids’ life. I really pray that what we teach them will help them in this journey to live to the glory of God.

Well, I guess that’s all I can say for now. This whole day was practically a really packed gigantic tornado of events; although quite exhausting, it was so fun. And even though I got “punished” for being late to devotions by just a few minutes, it was still a really awesome learning experience that I would absolutely not switch for anything else.

Michelle Widjanarko
Team Member
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