Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 20: A River Retreat in Puncak!

    Hello! My name is Jemima and I'm from Malaysia! Yay! It's my first time joining CI this year! I will be talking about the last Saturday of our trip, the 20th.

    I woke up at 4 in the morning to begin our journey to 'Puncak' for our little retreat at River Camp to wind down and celebrate after three weeks of CI. The location was high in the mountains, so the weather was cold. We had much fun and games together during our stay there. I really enjoyed the fellowship.

    One very fun event we had was our hike upstream along a river to a waterfall. There some of us played under the splashing waters, screaming because of the freezing water. I did not join their splashing and screaming, but as I watched them, I felt that I would want to spend more time with my dad hiking in the forest when I get back home to Malaysia.

    That night, all the families and CI teachers gathered for a fun Family Night. The theme was the SEA Games and each group was a country. We had to come up with a cheer that represented our country, then we played the game Telephone Charades It was enjoyable seeing each group act out the word they were given.

Team Singapore's Cheer!

Team Philippines!

    After supper, we gathered in a circle and read some of our "Story of My Life" stories. Someone would read a personal story written by another person and try to guess who that person is. It was fun and really interesting getting to know more about one another.

    In all, this day had been a very enjoyable experience. I loved spending time with my friends, and I look forward to seeing them again in the future.

God bless!
Jemima Chong
Team Member
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