Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 6: The Poor Can be Counted Rich!

Saturday started with sleepy faces, but as children started to file in, their happy faces and energy go us all hyped, getting us ready to kick start the day.

We started with the lesson “The Poor Can be Counted Rich”. We taught the children that sharing and being generous does not make you poor, but instead God says that you are rich in Him through what you’ve done.

In the first large group of the day, we reviewed songs and scripture memory and listen to the story of a girl who had a serious disease of the Gimme Hands *gasp*. In Small Group 2, we learned about hospitality. Two beggars were hungry but the first beggar had 3 apples while the second beggar had 2. Even though the first beggar was starving, he still chose to show hospitality and share his third apple with his friend.

The next large group got us laughing at the story of a selfish rich man and his dog Pooch and Lazarus. The rich man unmercifully turned Lazarus away when he came to beg for food and set his dog on him. In the end, the rich man was sent to hell - he got what he deserved, while Lazarus went to heaven. Right before lunch, we had another small group where there was a small skit about two birds who were imprisoned but set “free” and didn't know it.

Parent presentation was a blast and the children were energetic and excited. What was interesting was that several student assistants were picked for the last large group skit, and I felt they did an amazing job acting! They acted in the skit called "The Race of Life" where no one knew when the end of the race was, and you had to persevere and not be distracted by the things of the world. Sadly, our time together at the KL Children’s Institute came to an end and we bid all the children goodbye.

Our last day in Kuala Lumpur ended with a really delicious dinner was provided by various ATI Families and we ended the day grabbing coffee at a nearby cafe and prepared for our travel to Singapore.

Deborah Leong
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