Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 18: The Treasure (Philippians 3)

'Twas a beautiful morning in sunny Jakarta. I stopped outside for a breath of fresh air. When I heard laughter and hooting of a scale I have never witnessed. It was Victor who was painting a picture of a man so desperate he sold everything he had to buy a pearl, even the clothes on his back.

He challenged us so that we might want to give all that we had to know God more in a Philippians 3 context.

As of writing this, that picture is still ringing in my mind as we all sit down for lunch. Everyone is talking, some about relativity; others about other things. We have also been required to write the story of our "SEA CI Lives".

Writing our individual SEA CI stories

In mere hours, we prepare for the second last day of CI. Oh my, so fast... Ah well, still fun. Oh and we'll have a sequel of our skit about Sakura. Tonight, I'll write about how CI actually went.

The Sequel of Sakura

Down to a duel with the Ninja

Sakura finally retries Yoshka

"Hi there again!" I'm writing this after CI. Tonight was amazingly AWESOME! Significance at its finest! 

The kids were super attentive and energetic at the same time. I taught the best lesson I ever did these past 3 weeks and I can only hope that tomorrow is a through-the-roof significant day!

James Pasaribu
Team Member
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