Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 19: Last Day of CI

What a crazy and amazing few weeks it's been here at SEA CI. With today being the last day of CI there are so many feelings going around, mainly sad ones since we had to say goodbye to are CI kids, which in turn inevitably means that we CI teachers, CI staff, and CI translators, will also have to say goodbye to each other in a couple of days.

Though it is my main hope and prayer that the CI kids will be able to take away and remember the key points that we taught them, from God's Word, the skits and all the Principles and Character Qualities these past weeks.

I also pray that the teachers, myself included, the staff and the translators will walk away from this last month with a deeper and great hunger and desire to love God, and to really know what that means.

This CI trip has been so much more than I had hoped for.

It has been so amazing to see and feel how God has worked in me and around me throughout these few weeks.I've been able to meet so many other believers in Christ, and made so many new friendships.

I will always remember my time here at SEA CI.

God bless,
Erik Fredrickson
Team Member
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