Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 16: Sad News - the last day of devotions

Hey everyone! My name is Eliel from Malaysia.

Eliel working on crafts in his team

Today, I have some sad news for everybody. Are you ready of it? Well, today is the last day of doing serious devotions and I am pretty sad that it was the last day :( However, I have learnt a lot from it throughout the three weeks of doing devotions.

Daily Devotions at YBKB Office, Jakarta

Making music with the various guitars we had the pleasure of having!

One of the things that I learnt from devotions today was to put myself in the devil's shoes and to create a master plan to destroy myself and then how I can counter the plan that I just created. I really learnt a lot from this experience as I now know the things that I can do to not fall for the devil's trap.

Martha, one of our group mates leaving for Seminar

Olivia, looking forward to CI!

After devotion, we soon were ready to start another day of CI.

King Ahasuerus & Haman in the Queen Esther skit

James and his team

Jemima & her team member getting to know each other over the CI workbook

On Monday, I felt that I did not do a good enough job to get the kid's attention and to pique their interest in CI. But thank God, today all the kids were much more behaved and they were all interested in the lessons taught in the small group. When we asked the questions, they all tried to answer them. All in all today was a 'good' day.' I cannot wait I see what other things God has in store for me in this trip.

Eliel Cheang
Team Member
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