Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The End of the Beginning

Hey people, we've arrived at the 3rd day of the C.I's 3rd week. Hailing from Jakarta!

When the majority of teachers and translators arrived at the IBLP office, Sam started the group with a few songs of beautiful worship. The songs always does its job of opening our hearts for our morning devotions, and it's always a pleasant time singing those sweet and lovely melodies! The morning devotions content yet again challenged us to contemplate on how we can make God applicable and real to our lives. Pretty deep stuff! So it was beneficial but hard to swallow... 

Moving on, the staff team surprised us with incredible information on Tuesday about the trip to the old folks home, and Y to Y (youth to youth). So today's discussion was dedicated to finalizing the schedules and performances. Marietta and Mary Jane did an awesome job and organized their programs like seasoned veterans! 

Following the briefing regarding Thursday, the team leaders and assistants rushed to complete their arts and crafts materials for Thursday and Friday. It looked as if a twister of colorful cardstock and foam swept through the room!

While getting to the seminar location, the traffic was horrible as usual, but it was definitely a cloud with a silver lining, as we get to catch a small snooze before facing the storm of children.... 

The lesson for that day was Jesus as the door and self-control. The teachers shared their ideas for the self-control lesson, and as a result they all ruled that character! One trending idea was to gift each child with a candy in the beginning of the lesson, and inform them that if they wait ‘til the end, without eating their candy. They earn another one! Absolutely gratifying to see the children practicing the same character their teachers are teaching during the lesson!

Truly a testament to God's blessing on how well the day passed. Praise the love of God

Sarah Lim
Team Member
June 22, 2016

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