Friday, June 10, 2016

All Aboard the Free-day Train!!

Helloooo everyone! My name's Grace Pasaribu and I come from the bustling city of Jakarta, Indonesia!

Today, which was my personal highlight of the week, was outing day. We all met in the hotel lobby at ten in the morning and all got on our ubers excited for the busy day ahead!

Arriving in the terminal, we all grouped up into groups of about six people, bought our LRT tickets, and headed off to the Pavilion for our delicious all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet (which was soo good :D) and continued to have fellowship there while having scoops of green tea ice cream!

After that we arrived in the LRT station again to leave for the city's central market and Chinatown. In spite of a few troubles with the transit of trains, we reached the central market around four and again separated into groups of fours and shopped till we dropped! Some people went and got shoes, some did the fish therapy, and a few even got their eyebrows shaped! Finally we stopped in Chinatown, where the Malaysians put their bargaining tricks to the test, helping us foreigners get the best deals out of the vendors and shop keepers. Feeling exhausted after running around against the clock to get all our shopping done, our feet were sore but our hearts happy as we gathered around again at 6:45 with all shopping done and only a few regrets :D

We got on the train to taman bahagia as the sun set in the distance. Once we reached the terminal closest to where we were staying we got on our ubers again and sleepily walked up to our rooms not forgetting to get food for critical midnight snacks! :D

Well that's it from me!

Grace Pasaribu

Team member

10 June 2016
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