Saturday, June 18, 2016

One More Chance

Ay, the time flies by so fast. It seems like we began but a few days ago and now we are at the last day of CI Singapore. Before we know it, the trip will soon  come to an end and all we have left would be the memories.

But this is no time to depressed (one can do that once the trip is over)! Today's Saturday and we are gonna leave Singapore with a bang, so let's get this started!

We left early in the morning to arrive at the church around 8 in the morning, eating our breakfast on the go. Most of the teams were ahead in their craft cutting so most of them hunkered down to nail their lessons. I was personally busy separating crafts that teams might still need and the ones that I need to clean up. The TNTTM's (our personal slaves Temporarily Not Teaching Team Members) were also preparing for the final large group that Sam had put them in charge of.

The first half of the day went off pretty much without a hitch, something which I thoroughly liked, yet it was the second half where things got real fun. Soon after lunch, the kids rehearsed one final time before presenting to their parents. At the presentation, they almost quite literally brought the house down! Everyone was singing so loudly and yet so beautifully. We then took the opportunity to thank the people who made the CI possible by handing them the thank-you notes the kids had made.

With all the stressful stuff over, we all went upstairs where Erik was prepared to tell the skit, and he delivered! Kids were laughing, people had a great time, and the story's lesson was captured. Yet, just as the old saying says, all good things must come to an end. The parents had already come to collect their children and the teachers barely had half an hour to say goodbye.

And just like that, it was all over. Everything we did this week could not be changed. All we could do was pray that everything we taught the kids would stay with them long enough that it would be relevant in their lives. We all cleaned out the place and headed home; tired, but satisfied.

At the hotel, a wonderful dinner of chicken chops and burgers awaited us. They were good on its own, but I think being hungry made it taste better than usual. After dinner, the guys and the girls separated for their respective pajama parties.

Sadly, as if saying goodbye to the children wasn't enough, we had to say adios to one of our teachers, Erik, who will not be joining us for the Jakarta week. We managed to pull of a surprise farewell session before he had to leave in a few hours.

We wrapped up the day with a good night's rest. Tomorrow morning was still busy with final packing and stuff before we had to go to the airport and fly to our final CI of 2016, Jakarta!

James Pasaribu

Staff Team

June 18, 2016
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