Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yo Ho Ho and a Day in a Daycare

Hello peops! Whew, time went by so fast! It feels like I just left for CI and now we are halfway through already!

Olright, so this morning we, the CI team went to a daycare called Care Corner. We had to walk to and from the train station to get there. It started drizzling when we were on our way, but thank God that it held until we were all safe and sound inside Care Corner before the storm blew in. So, the kids greeted us and we greeted the kids, then we had songs! Hannah and I taught the kids a new song called the Captain of the ship, which includes hand motions. They responded pretty well, although they were quite boisterous to the extent that we had to shout to make ourselves heard. J

We then jumped straight into games with Grace and Jason leading as soon as the songs were over, and the kids were all EXTREMELY excited and hyped up before Adlai had this ingenious idea to switch the game to chill them down. While they were playing, the team members who were in the skit story prepared for it, wearing wigs and robes and stuff. It was a pirate story because Adlai, who was in charge of this trip to the daycare, had a pirate theme.

The CI teachers sat the children down and Eric began to tell the story. He introduced each of the four pirates, each with their own individual special personality. Captain McSwagger was bold, daring, goal-oriented, and tough. Captain Periwinkle was gentle, caring, and a listener. Captain Bubbles was fun-loving and easily distracted. The last one, Captain Pythagoras De Theorem, was a clever and analytical person. Each of these four pirates had a piece of a map that led to a treasure. They had to find four keys to get to the treasure. There were different challenges along the way that they had to overcome in order to get the keys, and they only managed to because of their different personalities. The point of the story was that using our talents for good and about benefiting others.

So after the skit, we all played one more game before we said our goodbyes and left for the hotel. All of us rested in our rooms after having eaten lunch till it was time for devotions. Sam led the devos and we separated into groups to discuss some questions he had for us. After that, we made our way to a bus that took us to the church where the Basic Seminar and Children’s Institute is being held. The team leaders and assistants went their merry ways to prepare for the night while the staff team and the TNTTMs prepared their own things. We had pizza for dinner yayy! The kids began coming, and the third night of CI has started! The five teams had their own individual games and lessons before coming to large group. Eltz and Krystal and I taught songs and verses, and then Sam had a skit for the kids. Then they went back to their own small groups for a lesson that taught them about self-control.

The Breath of Life skit
Large group time came again, and the three of us went up to sing songs and quote verses with the kids. Story time came, but instead of having the CI teachers act, Sam had some kid volunteers help him illustrate his story. They had a blast, and soon it was time for all of us to go home. We had cooldown on the bus, and then everyone went back to rest and sleep. Well, that is all for now. Thank you and goodnight!

Dorcas Ling

Team Member

June 15, 2016
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