Friday, June 24, 2016

The Beginning of the End

Hello Everyone! This is Krystal reporting from Jakarta! Today was our last day of CI. We had to reach church really early in the morning, so everyone was really tired. But we all reminded ourselves in prayer that we need God’s strength to go through today – that using our own strength would be useless.

Well, most of the teams had an awesome day. We reminded ourselves that this was the last day we had to spend with the kids, and it was our last chance to sow seeds and make an impact on their lives. I’m really proud of all the leaders because of their eternal perspective – they pushed back their tiredness and gave their all to build relationships with the kids on their team, putting others’ needs before their own. They even jumped in during large group to help spice up singing and memorizing our songs and verses.

For me personally, I had an awesome day too! It was really encouraging to see that even some of the kids did not really understand or speak English, they really made effort in singing the songs and doing the hand motions. They were such a sweet bunch of children with such cheerfulness and willingness to learn. I must sincerely say that I will miss them as this CI ends.

After CI, we had dinner with the Indonesian families. It was really refreshing to talk to them and see their kindness and generosity in hosting us.

God has been teaching me on this trip to put others before myself. I’m still learning that and I pray that God will continue to teach me that even after I go home.
All right, that’s all for now! God bless!


Staff Team

June 24, 2016
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