Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Birth of an Acting Star

We began the day by splitting up into two groups - boys and girls- for devotions. Jolynn, Eltz, and Krystal brought us girls out to the mall to discuss over a late tea. After devos, we reconvened with the rest of the team and went out for a scrumptious lunch of noodles at a nearby shop before beginning our training! After training, all of us piled into cars and headed to church. Craft materials, lessons, and games were prepared, and then we had... drumroll....PIZZA!!! For dinner :D

Today was also the birthday of Jemima, one of our teachers from CI 2015. There was a mini celebration with cake and a birthday song, before we tromped back downstairs for CI to begin once again!

For the second day of CI, the life principle was Authority. We learnt about how Jesus is the Light of the World and how we, having been shown the light, can show persuasiveness by being a good testimony for Christ.

Team Preparation
It was only the second day of CI, but it was already beginning to get at our energy levels :D However, just in these two short days, I've learnt many lessons, and one of the most significant ones for me is learning to be flexible. The children in my team came rather late these past two days, so my teammates and I had to set our priorities right, and decide which parts we to leave out and which to keep. In addition, just like everyone else, children have personalities and working with them is teaching me that I need to make allowances and not be concerned over habits and things of theirs that won't affect their learning in a major way. I've also learnt that the more confident I am, the more the children are willing to listen to me.

One of the highlights for me yesterday was a skit about a modern day version of the demon-possessed girl of Matthew 15. I acted in my very first CI skit as Madge, the crazy girl! How cool is that?

Despite all the craziness and fun of acting in the skit, I was also struck by something which I feel is very relevant in everyday life. I am not exactly one to go out and show the world how crazy I can be, but when I saw how amused the kids were, I was really encouraged and heartened, and slowly, the nervousness and fear ebbed away, and I was able to better portray my character. This really reminded me that it is not just being a good communicator or a good speaker that matters; it is also how I behave as an audience member that shows the respect and support I have for the person in front.

And as a final note, here's part of a song the kids learnt today!

Let your light so shine before men 
That those who see might praise your Father in heaven.

Let your light so shine before men 
That they may see your good works 
And praise your Father in heaven.

Blessings and much love,
Team Member

June 7, 2016
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