Monday, June 6, 2016

The Day Before D-Day

It’s Sunday! Today’s the day to meet the full team, but to start the day off we attended church for a wonderful sermon on loving your enemies. Around 1:00 we went to lunch and then headed back to our hotel to meet the rest of the team coming in. How wonderful it was to see some old friends from last year but so exciting to meet all the new team members as well. Once everyone was settled and joined with their roommates, we headed down to an office where we got to introduce ourselves and fellowship among each other.
Dinner Time! It was so nice to break up into our small groups for dinner. Each group had about 7 team members and it was such a blessed time to get to know each other on a more personal and spiritual level. Back to the office!
What a perfect way to end a Sunday with praise and worship to our heavenly Father. With everyone excited about Monday, we head back to the hotel to receive our teaching books, name tags, and t-shirts. Finally, we went back to our rooms for a final charge and lights out at 10:00! I'm so thankful for the amazing staff keeping us all in line.

Adlai Welfel
Team Member
June 5, 2016

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