Monday, June 13, 2016

Just Another (AMAZING) Monday.....

Hello, James here! Nice of you to check us out down here xD I'm on the staff team this year, so that's cool hehe. On top of being in charge of Materials, I was also put in charge of taking care of this year's chronicling. Hence, here I am writing to all of you about today...which is kinda obvious....well, enough chit chat, let's get down to today shall we?

'Twas a bright and sunny day. The team had just arrived into Singapore and we were prepared to hit the ground running. After a hearty breakfast of bread and coffee, we all piled up in the guy's room for devotions. Sam talked to us about how the Bible became truth because God who spoke it into existence is truth. After this bit of truth, we then went to lunch at a nearby food court before heading back to the hotel to give out the announcements of teams. After letting the teams prepare for their night, we all suited up and got ready to leave for the church to begin our showtime prep.

Being in charge of materials meant that I can usually get some down time before starting CI night. But when the clock starts ticking down to showtime, that's when the real fun begins. Teams need to prepare well if they want to teach well, and so my responsibilities had a direct impact on their performance. Monday was the first day so there were more stuff to do today than on most other days. So I got to work as soon as I can on setting up team stations, my crafts supplies table, as well as passing out the day's material needs to each team.

This is the second week I have had this responsibility, but already I can feel myself improving (mainly because the other staff were really swift in telling me what I could do to better my skills). But most important than any practical skill I have learned during this time is learning how much I can trust the Lord to answer prayers. I have always prayed to God about this and that, but never did I realize that I was always asking for the wrong things. But as soon as I changed the way I prayed to the way God told us to pray, I felt my spiritual being come to life like no other moment I have ever experienced.

Today, we taught the kids about how God is the Bread of Life, and few truths seemed more important to me than this today. Just as man needs calories to give him the energy to make it through the day, we also need that same dependence on God's daily dose of blessing and goodness. No one in their right mind would say to himself, "Well, here's a slice of bread. I guess I'll just ration it for a week or so". Yet I feel like we often times forget to get our daily needs for that very reason.

I don't think I have yet faced an experience that stretched me as hard as this past week and a bit has, and I can only pray to God for the grace to endure any more stretching that might/will come my way. God has already promised that he will never give us anything past our ability to endure it, promising a way to escape that we might not suffer needlessly. Sometimes said means of escape could be an actual escape, and sometimes it could very well mean that we need to take our stand where we are and weather the storm through His grace.

Well, that's probably enough of me. Long day + tired body + running mind = a messy story, so I shall spare you from such a fate :D

Until next time,

James Pasaribu

Staff Team

June 13, 2016

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