Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Prep, Practicums, and Ping

Today, we started off by meeting at the IBLP office in the late morning where we had a refreshing session of worship and devotion.

After devotions, we had prep time for our practicums, followed by a scrumptious lunch of pasta!
And all too soon, it was time for practicums! The translators went downstairs to prepare while the rest of us were divided into two groups

Personally, I really didn’t want to do practicums because I was afraid that I would get a mind-blank (which I did) and I felt that my lessons weren’t good enough. However, I didn’t have a choice, so I did it; thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. Eltz and Krystal gave me very relevant feedback, and everyone else was so extremely… After practicums, we were briefed about the activities for the rest of the week and then we headed to church in our respective cars.

Tonight, we learnt about Persuasiveness and Jesus being the light of the World. I acted in one of the skits as Ping, a blind Chinese girl. Tonight was a night of new experiences for me because I was teaching Persuasiveness and acting blind for the first time. My team leader has been really great in encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone to learn new things.

Oh, I almost forgotJ. We had two new kids in the team who only spoke Indonesian. I spoke as much Malay as I coud to them, and the younger sibling started thinking I spoke Indonesian. I can’t always understand her, but the cuteness will definitely be one of the most memorable memories of the Jakarta CI week for me


Charis Chen

Team Member

June 21, 2016

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