Tuesday, June 22, 2010

UPDATE from vick :)

Hi all!

It's been some time since I last gave an update on the trip! Been very busy, had SO MANY great things I wanted to share earlier. Okay, let me start with a quick review of the previous weeks. Remember how I shared about our past growth the previous 2 weeks? Week one, learning how to run the seminars. Week 2: it's not about seminar routine, it's about PURPOSE and LOVE in 1st Cor 13 ( learned to be flexible and sensitive to God's promptings )

NOW for week 3 in Singapore, God struck us with an uncomfortable truth. God told me that we had NO RIGHT to continue teaching the children if our personal lives had no genuine transformation. God warned us from the dangers of being hypocritical leaders when teaching the principles to the children. We had no rights to teach design if we ourselves did not GENUINELY accept God's design for us in OUR own lives. We had NO RIGHT to teach about Authority if we ourselves had a problem with honoring our own authorities. We had no right to teach ownership, responsibility, suffering or freedom if WE ourselves have never EXPERIENCED these truths in our personal lives! Many times over the years, we have come in teaching with head knowledge...but having NO personal convictions or testimonies about how God TOTALLY CHANGED our human perspective and set us on the right path! We NEEDED something to SHARE. An experience that is OURS. NOT teaching what a book says. That's how we SHARE LIFE and it becomes REAL. We repented before God for our hypocrisy, and asked God to change our hearts to help us be a LIVING TESTIMONY to the children and not a CI teaching robot. We Also learned that in order to do this, we needed to yield and give up every area of our lives to God 100%. Then only will our ministry be truly effective and taken to a whole new level that we have never experienced before. It is humbling to be taught that even leaders can be hypocrites, but we wanted to get real and honest before God, ourselves and others we meet and see the world in God's reality.
I am SOOOO grateful to God for truly teaching us life! These lessons save my life and now we truly understand what the Bible means when it says that God's correction and rebuke is more valuable than choice silver and gold. No riches in the world can ever compare with wisdom and life that God teaches us! I Praise God for his mercy and grace that He has poured out to us. THANK YOU LORD SO MUCH FOR SAVING US!!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO TEACH US YOUR WAYS!
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