Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Day!

Hey guys!!!

Man! Today was the best day that I have had!!!

First, we went on a scavenger hunt. On the scavenger hunt we had to eat durian! Some of the team don't like durian, but it was required, and they told me that they almost lost it. :-D I say it was amazing! We ran up an escalator going the wrong way. Then we had to give an ice cream cone away, and one of us had to convince someone that we were famous. :-) The scavenger was so much fun!!!

Tonight was so good. I got to act in a skit: a modern day story was of Joseph. I played the character of Jim Bob Duggar. My character had four daughters, and their names were Jessa (Priscilla), Jinger (Claire), Josie (Roz), and Johannah (Marie). That was the highlight of the night!!!

God bless,

Elijah Kaneshiro
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