Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 6: Thursday, 3rd June 2010

Today was amazing! We started out with some yummy food for the tummy. Fresh FRUIT!!!! It was so good! Dragon fruit, lychee, rambutun, mango steen, and the list goes on…. It all was so delicious. Then we had some good worship and spiritual food (devotions). Some of us then went to have Indian food. Yummm, it was so good, and even eating with your fingers. =) I haven't gotten scared of any of the food so far. I'm loving it! Then we had teacher training for this evening and for all day Saturday. Victor and Eunice have been doing an amazing job leading the team which really helps us as a team to strive. Had our forth night which I think has been the best so far as Priscilla, Janet, and I concluded tonight. The kids seem to understand the concepts of suffering as a blessing and forgive is something we all need to do. The shy ones seemed to warm-up and the rowdy ones seemed to cool down a little, which was very nice, too! It has also been really neat to see God work in the lives of those around us too, God has and is doing AMAZING things! And I feel honor by God to be a part of it…

Prayer requests:

Health of the team – Some of the team has not been feeling so well, so please prayer for healing and protection of any sicknesses for the healthy ones

Excitedness and willingness to learn from the kids –Pray that God would help the kids to continue to be willing and excited to learn and apply the things they have been learning

Strength and unity as a team

Tomorrow we go swimming with the elephants!

Thank you so much for each one of your prayers, It's a true blessing from God!!! He is doing great things for His kingdom here in Malaysia!

Laura Straub for the team

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