Monday, June 7, 2010


Since we arrived in Penang, the team has been very busy preparing for the next CI! We went to the church this morning and set up the rooms for the 9 teams that will be in the CI. The place is beautiful, with long halls, a circling staircase, and colorful paint splashed on the walls! We are very excited to get the kids and open the books.

Our first night went quite well!!! Most teams had a good night, and others struggled to communicate with the orphan children who come from a place called "Rifle Range." From what I've heard, it is extremely difficult for them to live there and it is not pleasant. Their lives are quite dismal and being underprivileged is normal there! It is evident that we will need God's grace working through us this week as we seek to show these poor children God's love. God can move mountains on our behalf! The language is also a difficulty - most of the Indian children cannot speak English well, if at all, and that presents a difficulty when trying to explain spiritual themes and character qualities.

One thing that I should mention, our team has wonderful unity! We are working quite well together, and everyone is in good spirits. Continue to pray that God will bless our efforts as we humble ourselves before Him and let Him use us :-)

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